About Us

We are a modern independent pharmacy

With an increasing need to meet the demand for prescription drugs, Fannin Street Pharmacy takes an innovative approach to provide unique and personal services to our clients.  Our commitment is to incomparable client service and satisfaction.
Our management and staff are groomed to respond compassionately to each client’s specific requirements.  In maintaining this relationship with the client, Fannin Street Pharmacy has strategically put together a comprehensive service plan that addresses the concerns of our clients when conventional procedures do not meet their particular need.

Our Vision

We see a world where people are healthy and happy, with health care being effortlessly accessible, affordable, and truly effective in carrying out its purpose. We envision people of all ages, gender, status, ethnicity, belief, and condition to equally receive excellent health care services. We see health professionals and people fighting disease, unhealthiness, and poor life quality together without gaps, prejudice, and discrimination.

Our mission is to fulfill the vision that we have for health cares and people. It is our duty and responsibility to acquire knowledge and training with regarding health and medication and to dedicate these achievements to the betterment of everyone’s health and life regardless of the diversity of identity and origin. Without a vision and a mission, our company would be heading to nowhere. That is why we thank you for the inspiration you give us. We promise to repay you.

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We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the production process, from the preliminary hand-drawn sketches to the aftersales support. We carefully design our themes to be easy and flexible while making sure that most FAQ of our customers can be answered by our detailed documentation.

We focus on using the latest web standards and practices regarding UX guidelines and WordPress theme development and strongly encourage our customers to follow us on this. The use of a child theme and the plugin-based development of ©Plethora Framework ensure hassle-free updates and peace of mind.

Personalized patient care is what sets California Pacific Medical Center apart. When you visit one of our four San Francisco campus locations you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

We promised to take care… and delivered

A Few Testimonials

  • Fannin Street Pharmacy provided great patient care as well as customer service for my child. Their caregivers really cared about my child's well-being and displayed it on a daily basis.
    Leona R. Visitor
  • I didn’t know pharmacies can customize most children medications until I visited their pharmacy. They counseled me on my options and worked with me until we found the right formula for my 2 year-old daughter.
    Wilemina H. X Patient
  • The reception, attention and care that I receive every time I visit Health Fit Pharmacy is simply unique and delightful. The entire staff is pleasant and makes me feel like I am part of their family.
    Marcus J. X Patient